Are you a supplier of critical goods and services?

We are here to make essential production safer and more efficient in response to COVID-19

Designated by the US government, the US Department of Homeland Security, and our customers as a critical supplier, Cold Jet is open for business and ready to aid in the global provision of essential goods and services.

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Cold Jet's dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment is helping our critical infrastructure customers operate efficiently and safely.


Medical and Pharmaceutical

The Medical and Pharmaceutical community is ramping up production of medical devices (DME) and vital pharmaceuticals.  The facilities are cleaning quicker with less downtime and less people using dry ice blasting.  Medical device manufacturers are also deburring and deflashing medical parts more quickly with dry ice.

Our dry ice production machinery is also enabling safe transportation of vital medicine, laboratory tests, and biomedical specimens.

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Food and Beverage/Packaging

Food and beverage facilities are decontaminating processing and production equipment and product contact surfaces.  Dry ice blasting ensures clean, hygienic, and contaminant free surfaces.

The Food Standards Agency verified that dry ice blasting is effective at decontaminating surfaces and removing bacterial strains and other microorganisms.

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The shipment of perishable goods, such as necessary food supplies and home delivery of groceries, is a challenge as they need to be properly and safely kept at the appropriate temperatures.  Sourcing dry ice from external providers can cause headaches and delays.  Our customers have begun to produce dry ice on-site, which enables them to generate the exact amount of dry ice needed, when they need it.

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All Essential Production

Organizations that are producing essential goods and services in the Oil and Gas, Foundry, Power Generation, Public Transportation, and many other key industries are effectively cleaning and decontaminating surfaces with dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting quickly cleans production equipment and tooling while hot and on-line, leading to little to no downtime and maximum production efficiency.  Ramp up production without sacrificing quality.

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Clean and Decontaminate Surfaces

Consistently operate at full production capacity and efficiently ramp up production

Dry ice blasting quickly cleans equipment while hot and online. This allows for maximum machine uptime, with little to no downtime needed for cleaning. 

Decontaminating surfaces is crucial

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) verified that dry ice blasting is an effective decontamination method that results in logarithmic reductions in microorganism counts, removes biofilms, and eliminates cross contamination.  

Read the FSA Report

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Transport Cooling

Produce the exact amount of dry ice needed, when you need it, for vital cooling applications

Dry ice production machines enable you to get your essential dry ice within 2-3 minutes of machine startup.  The machines easily startup and shutdown, allowing you to produce dry ice quickly and often.  

Dry ice ensures safe shipment of medicine and perishable goods

On-site dry ice production enables flexibility and efficiency.  Different shipments require unique sizes, shapes, and quantities of dry ice.  Produce the exact amount and form needed for each type of shipment.

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Recent COVID-19 Applications

Dry ice blasting cleans production equipment faster and with less downtime, which is helping facilities ramp up production of critical goods.



Medical Device Production

A multinational medical device company needed to ramp up production of critical health technology products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company was at capacity with their production rates and discovered that their current mold cleaning method was causing too much downtime. They needed to quickly clean their injection molds and maintain part quality in order to increase machine uptime and production capability. The company implemented dry ice blasting, which enabled them to clean their mold cavities, vents, and ejector pins of off-gassing that was causing occasional burns, flash, and short shots.

They now clean in-place with significantly less machine downtime and were able to extend the running time of their molds by 200-500%. The company not only was able to successfully ramp up production, but also improved their Quality and Availability OEE scores by decreasing downtime and lowering their scrap rate. In addition, they were also able to eliminate cross contamination between resins – all this by implementing dry ice blasting.



Last Mile Delivery of Food and Beverage Products

Many facilities that ship perishable food and beverage items directly to customer doorsteps have experienced an incredible surge in demand for their services. The demand for home delivery of food items has been trending upwards for several years, but the sudden demand surge in reaction to COVID-19 has left some facilities struggling to source dry ice on a daily basis. Dry ice is needed to safely keep items at the appropriate temperature until they reach the customer.

Facilities that have implemented on-site dry ice production have been able to secure their required dry ice supply during a crucial time. By producing dry ice at their facilities, they are able to manufacture the exact amount of dry ice needed, when they need it.


face masks


Face Mask Production

A large, global company specializing in worker safety, healthcare, and consumer goods needed to dramatically increase production rates of face masks as soon as possible in response to COVID-19. The facility was experiencing prolonged downtime due to their use of a time-consuming cleaning process for their compression molds.

The company implemented dry ice blasting, which enabled them to clean their molds in-situ, while still hot. Dry ice was considerably faster and resulted in a significant reduction in downtime, allowing the company to operate at peak efficiency. The dry ice process also completely removed all contaminants from the molds, which improved product quality and reduced scrap.


lab tests


Storage and Shipment of Biological Specimens

A large clinical laboratory company that specializes in diagnostic testing services and has over 2,000 patient locations had to quickly adapt to the COVID-19 environment.  In normal circumstances, the bulk of their operations includes general specimen diagnostics, such as routine blood tests.  With the onset of the COVID-19 virus, esoteric diagnostics, such as infectious disease testing, skyrocketed.  The company needed significantly more dry ice to keep specimens at the appropriate temperature during the collection, storage, and shipment process. 

The company implemented on-site dry ice production, which enabled them to produce dry ice on-demand.  They produced the exact amount of dry ice needed, when they needed it.  This enabled the company to ensure that they had a critical dry ice supply.



Cleaning and Decontaminating Food and Beverage Facility

A food manufacturer in Iowa experienced a demand increase for an item that it produces and packages. The facility identified several process enhancements that would enable it to quickly boost production. One such enhancement was an improvement to their cleaning process. The company removed grease, proteins, seasonings, and glue from production equipment and food contact surfaces with a combination of manual scraping and water. This process required two to four hours and multiple employees.

The facility implemented dry ice blasting into their cleaning regimen and cleaning time dropped to 15-20 minutes and required only one employee. Keeping its’ processing equipment and food contact surfaces free of contaminants and all microbial life is extremely important as well. Dry ice blasting is a verified decontamination method and resulted in logarithmic reductions in microorganism counts – proven when the facility performed a microbial swab test. Cutting cleaning time by a significant amount enabled the company to quickly improve production rates.

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Our Customers

Just a few of our customers who have deemed Cold Jet as being essential to their critical processes:

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